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$20 sez this website never regresses to be something other than a message board again.


$20 sez this website never regresses to be something other than a message board again.

Pounders feb 8 skit phill01/15/2015

Pounders feb 801/15/2015


Skit pill01/15/2015

chunky love01/03/2015

Raunchy red when did you get out of jail ?:-)

raunchy red12/29/2014

Hi family,im writing this because i herd that Richard pryor is getting a movie made about his life.Now every word i jus typed dont mean to much,but the word Life,and the word movie jus dnt add up for a man like Richard pryor,How about the words Movies and a lots of movies.Richard told more than jokes he made since of this riddle we call life.And its funny,by the way Fuck Mike Epps,unless u do a good job Represent.2168040147

raunchy red12/29/2014

Hi family,im writing this because i herd that Richard pryor is getting a movie made about his life.Now every word i jus typed dont mean to much,but the word Life,and the word movie jus dnt add up for a man like Richard pryor,How about the words Movies and a lots of movies.Richard told more than jokes he made since of this riddle we call life.And its funny,by the way Fuck Mike Epps,unless u do a good job Represent.2168040147

raunchy red12/29/2014

Hi family,im writing this because i herd that Richard pryor is getting a movie made about his life.Now every word i jus typed dont mean to much,but the word Life,and the word movie jus dnt add up for a man like Richard pryor,How about the words Movies and a lots of movies.Richard told more than jokes he made since of this riddle we call life.And its funny,by the way Fuck Mike Epps,unless u do a good job Represent.2168040147


merry holidayz

raunchy red12/23/2014

Raunchy x-mas

raunchy red12/23/2014

Hey guys and girls i got a joke, what do you call a snowman in the summer time??? You call him a cab to the north pole because he sweating like a Mother Fuckah.2168040147.


Mic List is updated again on the Cleveland/Akron Comedy Facebook Group. Any changes please get a hold of me. Thanks

Christopher G. Axelrod12/07/2014

I love both re-thinking....and talking but never during sex. Here for yas. Viva NEO! Now get dressed.

Joey Zsa Zsa11/17/2014

Where is this audition for the 100 comics comedy show??

Joey Zsa Zsa11/17/2014

Where is this audition for the 100 comics comedy show??

comedian Cleveland JAMeS09/27/2014



I just updated the mic list here:


Just got this yesterday: Do you love your city, Cleveland? Tiffany Company Casting (Los Angeles) is looking for REAL CLEVELANDERS, people that make up the HEART AND SOUL OF CLEVELAND to audition for a very special Paid National Network Commercial MUST BE AVAILABLE TO INTERVIEW IN THE CLEVELAND AREA THIS WEEK (WEDNESDAY 9/10 THRU SATURDAY 9/13) . Shoot Dates: September 21st - 26th WE ARE LOOKING FOR WOMEN AND MEN, AGES 18+, WHO ARE TRUE "CLEVELANDERS" If you are interested in being considered, please e-mail the following information to the e-mail address at the bottom of this sheet ASAP: 1) FULL NAME 2) OCCUPATION 3) CELL PHONE NUMBER 4) E-MAIL ADDRESS 5) RECENT PHOTOGRAPH Send to: After you send us your information, we will contact you to set up an appointment to audition, if interested. Unfortunately, not everyone who submits will be chosen, but PLEASE give it a shot! This promises to be one of the biggest commercials of the year!


Guess what people? I got next.


Mondays - Stone Tavern in Kent contact Anthony Savatt via FB for more info; Barrio in Lakewood contact Bill Squire and Cody Cooper for more info, Five O'Clock Lounge in Lakewood show up/go up, Corner Pub in Lakewood show up/go up, Grog Shop in Cleveland Hts contact John Bruton for more info.

Carlin Hagerty08/27/2014

Looking for some time paid or unpaid Monday night.


OMG I've missed this shit. It took a few months to miss it -- but I came back and OMG it is still here. Skitzo and Rick Hunter and Sheer and others making me laugh. Didn't know there were over 100 comics in Cleveland to rank. Will see you guys around. Going to the Gay Games improv show tomorrow night (Monday) at PHS. Doing the occasional improv jam in Lakewood. Raising two adorable moppets. Anyone doing that Cleveland Heights contest "Heights Got Talent" or some such thing? Gotta work clean. ;) Oh yeah, I bought two tickets to a comedy club for me and the hubby and the options are: BT (Brandon Terrell), Jim Holder, Sean Donnelly, Andy Hendrickson, Frankie Paul, Pat Godwin or Claude Stuart. Anyone know these or have a favorite? Suggestions? Thanks!!

Chris Camuendo07/26/2014

Hello, I am also looking for beginner stand up comedy classes in Cleveland. I've been told by many people for years that I should do stand up comedy but I haven't done it. I'm thinking about getting started, just for the fun of it! Some classes would be great and open mic nights...The worst that can happen is I bomb out and no one laughs :) :) So what! Please contact me at with any class information, open mic info or tips. I appreciate any advice or support. Thanks, Chris :)


Hello funny folks! My name is Liz. I am the talent recruiter for Sporcle, your local live trivia guru. We're hiring trivia MCs in the Cleveland area! That's right, get PAID to host trivia events and entertain a crowd! Find out more and apply at

scott jacobson07/05/2014

I am looking for beginner stand up comedy classes here in Cleveland? are there any because I can't find them. Let me know Thank you!!!

Laura Partlow07/02/2014

Aw shiiiit. It's offical. Grumpy's Lounge (no, not the West Side one) Comedy Open Mic, hosted by yours truly, opens up on 7/27 at 8pm! Sign-up sheet goes up at 7:30. 29137 Euclid in Wickliffe just West of Lloyd road (next to Papa Joe's). Look up Cleveland ACES on Facebook or hit me up at or @OGPartlow on ye olde Twitter. JOIN USSSSS!

Laura Partlow06/19/2014

Getting an Open Mic started in Wickliffe towards the end of Summer. Also thinking of starting a group for aspiring East Side comics. Hit me up for info at

johnny manziel06/16/2014

"Hello! Hello! I can't hear you through this wad of cash! The same problem every comedian has : Getting over-paid!


rick hunter i am looking for you

if u r raunchy red make me laugh 06/16/2014


raunchy red06/16/2014

i anit got no mo jokes


I've attempted to contact rick hunter and got no response. Does anyone know if his open mic is legit and what time it starts.


rick hunter i need a ride to that open mic and what time it is call me.


I'm gonna check out this new rick hunter info


Rick Glassman who was on the first skitzobill and the outpatient show is now on a sitcom on nbc called undateable. Zachariah durr was on that same show so we're expecting big things out of him.


Still a fat White woman. Now with a better job. Still looking for a partner (or partners) for an Improv troupe on the East side. Or the West side. Who fucking cares? I have a car. Also looking for open mics as I have been to the Reddstone show and loved the fuck outta it.

rick hunter05/20/2014

email add.undergroundbros.GMAIL.COM PHONE 216-661-6674 ive been out of theloop for a while so don't quote . im just excited about an open mic my neigh.


Rick Hunter I demand a response.


Rick hunter what time does that start and is it every wednesday or just this wednesday

Skitzobill Update05/18/2014

I will be performing in the Vosh Contest finals May 22nd at 9 pm and signing autographs.



rick hunter05/17/2014

openmic weds @red tavern on pearl and Denison inmy neigh. didn't go .want get back to it.not good with teck.try next week hi skitz and sheer.

rick hunter05/15/2014

hi everybody


I just did a show at Skitzobill's house with Ryne DiPerna. It was rad. You all should do it next month.

Skitzobill Update04/23/2014

Dear Letitia can you get me some gigs with some message boards. I can only do early shows as I have a curfew thanks Skitzobill I need some comedians for a comedy show at my house Saturday may 10th at my estate in parma.




Letitia, I googled "Ace Brown comedian" and clicked on the first video. After hearing him say repeatedly "clap it up clap it up" for his first minute on stage I decided I never want to hear the phrase "clap it up" ever again. Good luck in the clapping business.


letitia-sheer is correct

skitzobill update04/03/2014

I'm taking the bus from parma to lakewood tommorow


Hi Letitia, there is no Cleveland Yucks venue. This board exists for wellness updates on Skitzobill and the occasional announcement. Good luck in your search. I will warn you, Cleveland does not like to be dominated... on stage. If Ace is interested in tying people up and fucking them, that might be another story.

Letitia Sherman03/31/2014

Good Afternoon. My name is Letitia Sherman, I am representing comedian Ace Brown. Ace is very interested in performing at your venue and I would like to see what are the steps for him to take, to get booked on one of the upcoming shows? He is a local New Jersey comedian who has dominated stages all over and is eager for new opportunities to perform. Please contact me back at your earliest convenience. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. You can also check him out yourself at Best Regards Letitia Manager Ace Brown Ent. Newark NJ, 07108

Skitzobill Update03/30/2014

I will be at Vosh Lakewood 9:30pm April 10th

Skitzobill Update03/29/2014

I will be signing autographs at mahalls tonight and performing comedy at Vosh in Lakewood Thursday April 10th at 9:30 pm


I tried signing up for and got a bad email address


Updated list of mics in the CLE, Columbus, Akron/Canton, Youngstown area. If you have others to add just contact me via the site. You can also sign up for an account to promote your shows, videos, podcasts, etc. -Will

Deon Cole03/20/2014

Cleveland, I'm sorry I've been such a douche. Is that what white people say? Shit I dunno. It's my go to bit.

skitzobill update03/18/2014

I should be at Vosh in Lakewood in April. I will be at Barrio april 21st.


Grog Shop, Monday April 7th, Make Em Laugh Mondays return! 9pm... ON TIME!


when you get tired of watching porn online, you end up typing this on here...

Drunk Chicks.03/12/2014



Show up/go up - Mahall's Sun 8PM, 5 O'Clock Mon 9PM and Corner Pub 11PM, Tues Touch Supper Club 8:30, Wed Lakewood Village Tavern 9PM, Thurs Sachsenheim Hall 9PM, Sat Jinna's Hookah Cafe 11PM

Big Joe03/06/2014

Where are the good open mic nights at around Cleveland? I'd like to jump into standup and want to meet some local people trying to make it...


Hey folks. I just wanted to let you know I will begin work on the new Yucks soon. I'm kind of impressed that anyone is still posting on this. I've had a couple of projects and a new job that took precedent but It looks like I'll be able to get to work on this shortly. I can use some ideas and feedback. If you want to help out shoot me an email at Thanks.


I want to to thank you for this good read!! I certainly enjoyed every bit of it. I have you book-marked to look at new things you post...

Prev Message02/26/2014

sorry still Demi bowman made a mistake on the last message it's 808*

Demi Bowman02/26/2014

Hey yea..I'm doing a contest. Just call me and leave your best accent for a shot in my new show "Courtney's Got Ya" My number is 330-8808-5927

Anthony Dalpiaz02/26/2014

Does anyone know of any improvisational comedy opportunities in Cleveland. I am a college sophomore who will be in Cleveland over the summer and I would love to perform!

The Industry02/25/2014

112) Rob O'Reilly 113) Jeb Dalton 114) Will Burge 115) The Free Stamp 116) Chris Bernard 117) Andy Barr 118) Trill Cosby 119) Jokes about Bernie Kosar 120) Steve Mers 121) Steve Guy 122) Big Stevie Cool 123) Tom the Racist Puppet 124) Delonte Hawkins 125) Al Boogie 126) Nick Novak 127) Drew Mulkins' Hair 128) Drew Mulkins' Mom 129) Michael Strenk 130) Tyler Sullivan 131) Erick Williams 132) Tony Cover 133) Randy Brown 134) Soupy Lou Prescott 135) Dan Paul 136) Jay Boc 137) Kirk Bogos 138) Chuck Bragg 139) Jimmie Malone 140) Chuck Booms 141) Hot Carl 142) Shawn Paul 143) Shawn Boyd

The Industry02/25/2014

87) STDean 88) Jesse Alison 89) ReaLove 90) Hunky Dory 91) Btidy 92) Sticky Bizkuts 93) Beef Curtnz 94) Bill Fienberg Sr 95) The Rest of Ramon Rivas 96) Mark Colella's Career 97) Jaya Bidari 98) Smiley Joe Wiley 99) 2004 Maxwell 100) Simply Tim 101) Natalino 102) Erin Larson 103) Sean Jaundice 104) Nick Yurick 105) A Less Black Micheal Ivy 106) Chris Butler 107) Mr. Sunshine 108) Joe Hannum 109) The Ghost of Lee Honeycutt 110) Jeff Shaw 111) Bert Murder

The Industry02/25/2014

60) Jay Stevens 61) John Bruton 62) TM Francis 63) Craig Doyle 64) Carl Manhoun 65) JJ Johnson 66) Skunk Butt 67) Jeremy Sheer 68) Kali Fencl 69) Dan Brown 70) Rob Ward 71) Josh Womack 72) Josh Morrow 73) Phoenix Black 74) Dwayne Duke 75) Rodney Bengston 76) Andy Meredith 77) Jerry Jaffe 78) Dave Flynt 79) Ryne Diperna 80) Robbie Bourne 81) Jon Hofener 82) Cody Cooper 83) Rob Talecky 84) Aaron Pearl 85) Boyce Blanchard 86) Jonathan Death

The Industry02/25/2014

29) Skitzobill 30) Nancy Remley 31) Mike Polk 32) Ryan Dalton 33) Bill Squire 34) Tim Cornett 35) Jeff Blanchard 36) Joe Howard 37) Chris Hegedus 38) Zachariah Durr 39) Chad Zumock 40) Maria Borgio 41) John Wellington 42) Adam Richard 43) Juanda Mayfield 44) The Part of Ramon Rivas That Isn't a Tool 45) Brian Kenny 46) Yusuf Ali 47) Rob Coleman 48) Bill Boronkay 49) Mary Santora 50) Micheal Ivy 51) Jimmie Graham 52) Rodescu Hopkins 53) Joe Whelan 54) Mike Head 55) Emily Davis 56) Bo Wiggly 57) Walter Hemmelgarn 58) Mike Farrell 59) James Burge

The Industry02/25/2014

1) Antonio Amore 2) Mike Veneman 3) JD Sidley 4) Mike Malak 5) Bob Hope 6) Jen Sloe 7) Pasquale Dimassa 8) Mike Melville 9) John Skylar 10) Nick Cantanese 11) Cool TLC 12) Courtney G 13) Mo Payne 14) Rob Allen 15) The Sugar 16) EC Dubb 17) Dana Dane 18) Quick Qunn 19) Nell Sinn 20) Bigg Wayne 21) Big Love 22) Darrin Bates 23) "Big Sexy" Lester Graham 24) Hollywood 2000 25) Michael Laningham 26) Nappy Head Phred 27) Raunchy Red 28) C-Town

The Industry02/24/2014

Who are the top 143 comics in cleveland. Please rank in order, have big movie opportunity for them. Contact me on craigslist.


Bitter, sarcastic day cook looking to get funny and discuss starting an improv troupe with anyone on the East side. Ready to say out loud the kinds of things you'd never expect to hear from a fat White woman. Hit me up at

Anatoly Myshkin02/13/2014

Greetings! I come to offer you glorious opportunity for performance of stand up comedy in glorious Russia. In the jewel of Sochi (which is concurrently hosting the Winter Olympics as I address you) you will be gifted deluxe accommodations and sold out crowd! We here in Russia fully believe in Free Speech*! Please send a 5 minute video plus your "avails" to for consideration for this glorious occassion. * Free speech unless you want to talk favorably about gays, women's right, or unfavorably about Uncle Vladimir.

big daddy02/12/2014

can I help u


when the website does come back please still have all Cleveland/Northeast Ohio area comedy venues and a listing of all open mic nights. thanks!

Roger Daltrey02/04/2014

Tommy? Can you hear me? Tommy? Tommy? Tommy? Tommy?

Raunchy Red02/04/2014


Raunchy Red02/04/2014

Yo, can you sign my petition?

Hollywood 200002/04/2014

Hello dead website I am a top level comic/writer/actor/crossing guard looking for work. Book me now.

Dre Rivera02/04/2014

I am Improv actor/writer for hire if interested please contact me at. Currently looking for work.

Rob Coleman02/03/2014

I am available to host, open, feature, headline or guess set your comedy show clean or blue. Let me know if you need someone. Hit me on FB or


Erin Foley will be performing at the Grog Shop 2/7, looking for a host. All types of comedy welcome, male,female, gay, straight, does not matter. Please email me a clip for consideration. Thank you. Location: Cleveland, OH do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers Compensation: $30 plus % of ticket sales search craigslist under comedian for this


No. Open stages Monday @ Corner Pub 11PM (Lakewood), Tuesday @ Touch Supper Club 8:30PM (Ohio City), Wednesday @ Lakewood Village Tavern 9PM, Saturday @ Jinna's Hookah Cafe 11PM (Cleveland/Lakewood Border, 3 dick joke minimum).


Any audition open mic gigs on the West side or in downtown Cleveland...lately?


Eastside Open Mics: Thursday @ B Side on Coventry (Mixed Media) 8:30 sign up. Wednesday @ Kings & Queens at Southgate (Mixed Media) 9PM. Monday @ Blue Martini 10PM (@JohnBrutonWTF runs it).


i understand that the website is under construction, does anyone know of any eastside open mics?

sue likavec01/13/2014

where are the open night mic nights


zef i know theres open mics at the village tavern in lakewood, 5 oclock lounge on mondays contact joe whelan. and the reddstone contact ramon rivas

di hollywood01/05/2014


Looking to do some open mics if they're available. How can I go about doing em. Iz there another website with a listing somewhere. If so,where. Thanx.



That is awesome Lee. I am disappointed I can't avail myself of the offer but, Thanks for offering it up!

Lee - Improv offer NYE12/30/2013

The 10:30 show on NYE looks a little light. To fill up some tables we are giving all comics 4 tickets to see a great show with comedian BRAD WILLIAMS and bring in the New Year at The Improv. Email me at with your name and I will put you on my guest list. If you do NOT here back from me then you are IN. Here are the rules: 1. you will recieve and free 4-packs of tickets 2. You must arrive at the ticket booth window no later than 10:00 pm (30 minutes prior to show time) 3. Tickets are NOT guaranteed after 10:00 pm. 4. All your people have to be together to get their tickets-no stragglers! 5. They must use a PASSWORD at the ticket window. The password is LEESUS SENT ME 6. Must have a valid photo I.D. 7. 21 and over only 8. This offer is for the show only-not for the NYE package 9. Brad Williams is hysterical! Happy New Year to the 3.5 people that will see this posy

Sam La12/21/2013

ooooh this is fun. hi guys


Thursday: Sachsenheim Hall 9PM show up go up for 3 minute sets. Friday: Fuck you. Saturday: Jinna's Hookah Cafe 11PM show up go up with three new dick jokes.


Any Thursday, Friday, or Saturday open mics?


Any Thursday, Friday, or Saturday open mics?


PASQUALE DiMASSA, JR., age 37; loving father of Alexander Pasquale; cherished son of Pasquale and Carmela (nee Licata); special brother of Sam (Cari) and Margherita "Margie" Gasiewski (Andrew); loving uncle of Jessica, Marissa, Sammy and Sara DiMassa and twins Adriana and Nicolette Gasiewski; loving companion of Heather Nuccio; dear nephew of Philomena Bonacci (Ralph), Angelo DiMassa (Rosa), Teresa D'Amico (Pino) and the following deceased: Angela Florio, Maria Silvaggio and Vince Licata; loving cousin and friend of many; Trial Lawyer by day and stand-up comedian by night; Pasquale was everyone's rock. Contributions may be made to Holy Family Hospice, 6707 State Rd., Parma, OH 44134. Mass of Christian Burial Assumption Parish, Broadview Heights, Monday, December 9 at 10 a.m. Entombment Holy Cross Mausoleum. Friends received at RIPEPI FUNERAL HOME, 5762 PEARL RD. (AT SNOW RD.), SUNDAY 2-8 P.M.


Kevin - Jinna's Hookah Cafe has an open stage at 11PM on Saturday (and every Saturday).


Any stand up shows this Saturday the 7th?


Hey folks, I'm finishing up a couple projects this week and will put up a stripped down version of yucks with show schedules and mics next week. That should help while I build out the full new Yucks. Stay tuned.


Interested in some local (Lakewood, Cleveland-West, etc..) open-mic stand-up nights, with interest in improv oriented collaboration.


Im trying to get info on any stand up comedy shows to audition for

sam dean12/02/2013


sam dean12/02/2013


sam dean12/02/2013


Marv Conner11/29/2013

Sounds like a great idea Joe.

Joe Whelan11/26/2013

Writing group at Coffee Proper (connected to the Beck Center in Lakewood) every Sunday at 5 pm. With an open mic to follow at 7pm. Find me on facebook for more info.

Joe Whelan11/26/2013

Hit me up if you are looking for time on Mondays at The Five O' Clock Lounge. We had a rocking show last night!


I don't have one


I don't have one


i might make my comeback at the 5 oclock


Hey guys, for those that arent aware, Pasquale isnt doing well. He was moved to hospice this afternoon. If anyone needs or wants more info, hit my facebook or call me.


F U, yuckers!


For Brandon: The important mics are Mondays @ Corner Pub on Madison in Birdtown (11PM) and Saturdays @ Jinna's Hookah Cafe on W 117th and Madison (11PM). Other show up/go ups - Sundays @ Europe Gyro in Kent (8PM), Wednesdays @ Lakewood Village Tavern on Madison (9PM) and Tuesdays @ Touch Supper Club in Ohio City (8:30PM). Every other mic in the area is either booked or a mix of the two.

brandon adams11/04/2013

what happened to the page with the upcoming open mic schedules???


Sheer, I have the db. I'll send you your schedule.


Yo, is there an archive of the calendar? I had all my bookings up for the month, and I think there's a few I forgot.

Logan Lukacs11/02/2013

Hey I am a local standup making a splash on the college scene and I would love to do a set for you guys let me know if you're booking.


I'm redesigning. I put up a graffiti page just to not leave you hanging. I'll be around to talk to the comics about it. See you soon.


I'm going to crocker park tomorow if my ride comes through